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The town Oberwiesenthal is located in the German Saxony, at the border with the Czech Republic. Oberwiesenthal is located between the highest peaks of the Ore Mountains (Klínovec and Fichtelberg) and thanks to the altitude of 914 m.n.m. is one of the highest towns in Germany. Oberwiesenthal is not only a popular tourist destination, but also a popular location for skiers and snowboarders.

The first mention of Oberwiesenthal dates back to year 1406. The new town of Wiesenthal was founded in 1527 by the Lords of Schönburg. Today's Oberwiesenthal is a popular tourist destination in summer as a spa town and in winter as a gateway to the largest East German ski resort on mountain Fichtelberg. There are many interesting places in the town, one of which is the postal obelisk on the square. The town also has a museum with a permanent exhibition devoted to skiing and regional history. The local church of Martin Luther with nativity scene made by painter and woodcarver Christian Karl Friedrich Hertelt in 1896.

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